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The Pentecostal Movement Has Been Marred Deeply Religion Essay Example

The Pentecostal Movement Has Been Marred Deeply Religion Essay From its origin the Pentecostal motion has been marred profoundly by dirts, as we have documented in our illustrated 317-page book The Pentecostal-Charismatic Motions: Its History and Its Error. If the motion had the comprehensiveness of the Holy Spirit smarm and power that it claims, we would non see such an exhibition of the flesh, but in fact moral and other dirts have continued to blight it in recent history. The followers are some outstanding illustrations: In 1977 ORAL ROBERTS claimed that God had appeared to him and instructed him to construct a medical centre called the CITY OF FAITH. In 1980 he claimed that he had a face to face conversation with a 900-foot-tall The nazarene who told him that he was traveling to work out the City of Faith fiscal jobs. Seven old ages subsequently, Roberts said that God had appeared to him yet once more and told him that he would decease if he did non raise $ 8 million within 12 months. The wild-eyed visions and grim entreaties could non salvage the City of Faith. In 1989 Roberts closed it to pay off debts! Yet the Pentecostal universe in general did non condemn Roberts as a false prophesier and a spiritual hypocrite. Thousands continued to flock to ORU from Pentecostal churches across the state, and 1000000s of dollars continued to flux into Roberts ministry from fleeceable protagonists. We will write a custom essay sample on The Pentecostal Movement Has Been Marred Deeply Religion specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Pentecostal Movement Has Been Marred Deeply Religion specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Pentecostal Movement Has Been Marred Deeply Religion specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In 1989 JIM BAKKER, caput of the really influential Pentecostal PTL telecasting plan went to prison for victimizing his followings out of $ 158 million. He was paroled in 1994 after functioning five old ages of a 45-year sentence. His test brought to illume his munificent life style, which included six epicurean places and even an air-conditioned Canis familiaris house. Prosecutors charged Bakker with deviating to his ain usage $ 3.7 million of the money that had been given to his ministry. Bakker besides committed criminal conversation with church secretary Jessica Hahn and paid more than $ 250,000 in an effort to hush up the affair. Bakker s married woman and the former co-host of the PTL Club, Tammy Faye, divorced him while he was in prison and married Roe Messner, an old household friend whose company helped construct PTL s Heritage USA resort composite. Today Tammy Faye has a non-judgmental ministry to homophiles. She appears at gay-pride events countrywide, including a Tamm y Faye look-alike competition in Washington, D.C. , where she was surrounded by work forces in falsies and pancake makeupaˆÂ ¦ ( Charisma News, November 2002 ) . In January 2000 Bakker told Larry King, Every individual who died in the [ Judaic ] Holocaust is in Eden. Bakker defended this dissident philosophy in a missive to the editor that appeared in Charisma magazine in June of that twelvemonth. A twelvemonth after the PTL dirt foremost hit the universe s headlines, JIMMY SWAGGART, one of the taking Pentecostal sermonizers of modern times, created his ain dirt when he was caught with a cocotte. At the clip, Swaggart had a 6,000-member fold in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a 270-acre central office, a Bible College, an influential telecasting ministry that reached to many parts of the universe ( broadcast on 9,700 Stationss and overseas telegram mercantile establishments ) , and a ministry income of $ 142-million per twelvemonth. Swaggart is the cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis and both can lb the piano, but whereas Jerry Lee pursued a showy stone A ; roll calling Jimmy pursued a showy Gospel calling. A study from a Swaggart campaign in Calgary, Alberta, described the gospel music at acid-rock volumes and said it is a good show with Swaggart hammering off at the expansive piano, sudating and gesticulating like Elvis Presley and working the audience like Frank Sinatra ( The Courie r News, Elgin, Ill. , May 20, 1991, p. 5A ) . Swaggart refused to remain off from the dais for a twelvemonth as the Assemblies of God in Louisiana stipulated for his subject, so he was disbarred but he continued prophesying anyhow. He lost three-quarterss of his telecasting audience and his Bible college pupils and a big per centum of his church members ; his fundss crumbled. But the Jimmy Swaggart dirt was nt over even though he claimed that when he asked God, Lord, do you still desire me to take this work? God replied decidedly, Yesssss! You re in better form today that you ve of all time been before ( Swaggart Back in Pulpit with Tales of Nightmares and Revelation, Religious News Service, May 23, 1988 ; reprinted in Christian News, June 3, 1988, p. 5 ) . In a telecasting broadcast in May 1988 Swaggart had the audaciousness to tout, You are looking at a clean sermonizer! and I do non lie! ( Don Matzat, The Same Ol Jimmy, Christian News, May 16, 1988 ) . Possibly this is because Swaggart had sought reding from Oral Roberts and Roberts had observed devils with long fingernails delving into Swaggart s flesh and had cast them out ( Huntsville Times, Huntsville, Alabama, AP study, March 31, 1988 ; reported from Calvary Contender, April 15, 1988 ) . Just like that. The dispossession did nt last though. In 1991 Swaggart was once more in hot H2O when constabulary in Indio, California, stopped him on a traffic charge and found that the adult female siting with him was a cocotte. In malice of all of this Swaggart is still tittuping, though his crowd is nt really big. On his Sept. 12, 2004, plan he said, I ve neer seen a adult male in my life I wanted to get married. And I m gon na be blunt and field ; if one of all time looks at me like that, I m gon na kill him and state God he died. By the 1980s Pentecostal revivalist PETER POPOFF had a ministry on 51 telecasting channels and 40 wireless Stationss and an one-year income of seven million dollars. He besides held mending campaigns in many metropoliss, during which he would exert a word of cognition by naming out the names, references, and unwellnesss of aliens who were in attending. In 1986 the intelligence broke that Popoff s astonishing disclosures were really broadcast to him by his married woman after she had conversed with members of the audience. She transmitted her information by wireless signal and Peter could hear her voice through a bantam receiving system in his ear. A squad of sceptics discovered the artifice and recorded the private broadcasts utilizing a scanning receiving system and entering equipment ( Los Angeles Times, May 11, 1986 ) . When questioned about the affair by John Dart, faith author for the Los Angeles Times, Popoff replied that his married woman merely supplied him with approxima tely 50 % of the information and the remainder he got from the Lord! Popoff was forced to register for bankruptcy in 1987 but by 1990 he was back in concern with a new book entitled Dreams, which he announced in a full-page ad in Charisma magazine ROBERT TILTON, who was voted one of the most popular Pentecostalists by Charisma magazine readers in 1983 and appeared on the screen of Charisma in July 1985, was the laminitis of the Word of Faith Satellite Network, host of Success-N-Life broadcasts, and laminitis and curate of the Word of Faith World Outreach Center in Farmers Branch, Texas. He taught the Kenneth Hagin Word-Faith philosophies and promised prosperity and healing to those who supported his ministry and exercised religion. He wrote, You are a God sort of animal ( Tilton, God s Laws of Success, pp. 170 71 ) . In 1990 he said: Being hapless is a wickedness, when God promises prosperity. New house? New auto? That s chicken provender. That s nil compared to what God wants to make for you ( John Macarthur, Charismatic Chaos, p. 285 ) . In 1991, when his ministry was taking in $ 80 million, Tilton s imperium was shaken when ABC-TV s PrimeTime Live exposed his excessive life style and his fly-by-night fund-raising patte rns. His estate included an 11,000-square-foot place near Dallas, a condominium in Florida, a yacht, and other assets deserving $ 90 million. The show reported that Tilton s ministry threw 1000s of unread supplication petitions into the rubbish even though Tilton claimed to pray over them. He had even claimed: I laid on top of those prayer petitions so much that the chemicals really got into my blood stream, and I had two little shots in my encephalon ( Robert Tilton, Success-N-Life, November 22, 1991 ) . Though Tilton protested that he was the victim of falsity and sued ABC for libel, the instance was thrown out of the tribunals. Because of the dirt Tilton lost much of his telecasting audience and most of his church members, but he is still on the air and still prophesying the prosperity Gospel and still imploring for contributions and still promising God s approval on those who give. In 1991 Kansas City prophesier BOB JONES tapes were removed from the Vineyard Ministries International merchandise catalog after he admitted to a moral failure ( Lee Grady, Wimber Plots New Course for Vineyard, Charisma, Feb. 1993, p. 64 ) . Jones was utilizing his alleged religious authorization and prophetic anointment to bring on adult females to undress. Pentecostal preacher JAMIE BUCKINGHAM ( 1933-92 ) was the writer of 40 books that sold 20 million transcripts, editor-in-chief of Ministries Today magazine, a editorialist for Charisma magazine, and curate of the 2,000-member Tabernacle Church in Melbourne, Florida. Buckingham began his ministry as a Southern Baptist curate but after being baptized by the spirit at a Full Gospel Businessmen s Fellowship meeting, he became a Pentecostal. Buckingham s spirit baptism made him a extremist ecumenist who called for integrity between Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, and Pentecostalists. In an article entitled Bridge Builders ( Charisma, March 1992, p. 90 ) , he said there is no higher naming than oecumenic span edifice and he praised David Duplessis for constructing Bridgess between Pentecostalists and Roman Catholics, and Judaic rabbi Yechiel Eckstein for constructing Bridgess between Jews and Christians. Buckingham taught that God has promised mending through Christ s expiation, an d when he was diagnosed with malignant neoplastic disease in 1990 many Pentecostalists, including Oral Roberts, prophesied his healing. Buckingham said that God told him personally that he was traveling to populate to be at least 100 old ages of age in good wellness and with a clear head. The April 1991 issue of Charisma magazine featured this testimony in My Summer of Miracles. Note the following extract from that article: One twenty-four hours my married woman aˆÂ ¦ all of a sudden spoke aloud [ and ] said, Your healing was purchased at the cross. aˆÂ ¦ Here is what I discovered. YOU HAVE WHAT YOU SPEAK. If you want to alter something, you must believe it plenty to talk it. aˆÂ ¦ If you talk poorness, you ll hold it. If you say you re ill, you ll be ( and remain ) sick. aˆÂ ¦ despite what the physicians said, I refused to state My malignant neoplastic disease. It was non mine. It was the Satan s. I did nt hold malignant neoplastic disease. I had Jesus. The malignant neoplastic disease was seeking to hold me, but THE WORD OF GOD SAID I WAS HEALED THROUGH WHAT JESUS DID ON CALVARY. aˆÂ ¦ I popped a videotape into my VCR and lay down on the couch. aˆÂ ¦ The tape was an Oral Roberts discourse aˆÂ ¦ I came up off the couch, shouting, I M HEALED! My married woman leaped out of her chair and shouted, Hallelujah! For the following 30 proceedingss all we did was walk ar ound the house shouting thanks to God and proclaiming my healing ( Jamie Buckingham, My Summer of Miracles, Charisma, April 1991 ) . Ten months after the publication of this article, on February 17, 1992, Jamie Buckingham died of malignant neoplastic disease about 40 old ages shy of his hundredth birthday. Not merely did Jamie Buckingham lead others astray with his false instruction but he besides deceived himself. The Cathedral at Chapel Hill near Atlanta, Georgia, founded by EARL PAULK, has been plagued with moral dirts and extremist false instruction. At the tallness of his power Paulk was extremely influential. He authored many books, had a big telecasting ministry, was the laminitis of the International Charismatic Bible Ministries, and a prophesier in Bill Hamon s Christian International Network of Prophetic Ministries. Paulk amalgamated the Word-Faith philosophy with Reconstructionist or Dominion divinity and promoted it widely among Pentecostalists. As for the Word-Faith philosophy, Paulk echoes Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland and others when he wrote: Merely as Canis familiariss have puppies and cats have kitties, God has small Gods. Until we comprehend that we are Gods, and get down to move like small Gods, we ca nt attest the Kingdom of God ( Paulk, Satan Unmasked, pp. 96, 97 ) . Paulk merges this Kingdom Now Word-Faith divinity ( that Christians are small Gods with the author ization of Christ on Earth ) with the rule doctrine the churches are to unite and so recapture the universe from Satan and swayer over it before Christ returns. He gives this instruction in books such as Satan Unmasked ( 1984 ) , Held in the Heavens Until ( 1985 ) , and Ultimate Kingdom ( 1986 ) . Paulk wrote in his book The Wounded Body of Christ, We need non inquire whether He [ Jesus ] will come back ; HE CAN NOT. Jesus can merely return when the people of God have reached that topographic point of integrity in which the Spirit and the Bride can state, Come ( p. 73 ) . By 1992, Chapel Hill Harvester Church had 12,000 members and was one of the most comfortable churches in America, but that twelvemonth DON PAULK, who had taken over as senior curate from his brother Earl, admitted holding an improper relationship with a adult female staff member. He resigned but was instantly reinstated by the church council. Allegations were made by a group of adult females about sexual relat ionships with the Paulks and in 2001 another female church member filed a case claiming that Paulk molested her when she was a kid and into her teenage old ages, A but the accusals were denied and swept under the carpet. In August 2005 long-time church member and soloist Mona Brewer and her hubby Bobby, who was a major fiscal protagonist of the church, filed a case against Earl Paulk avering that she was manipulated into being his fancy man for 14 old ages. Brewer says that the members were conditioned to give unconditioned obeisance to the curate, who called himself Archbishop Paulk, and that he taught her that those who are spiritually exalted can hold sexual relationships and it is nt adultery. He called it kingdom relationships. She says that Paulk even shared her with household members and sing Charismatic sermonizers. This instance was featured on CCN s Paula Zahn Now plan on Jan. 19, 2006, but as of March 2006 Paulk s telecasting plan was still broadcast on Trinity Broadc asting Network. In 2000, CLARENCE MCCLENDON, curate of Pentecostal Church of the Harvest International in Los Angeles and outstanding bishop in the International Communion of Charismatic Churches, divorced his married woman and a mere hebdomad subsequently married another adult female. His first married woman, who accused him of begeting a kid out of marriage, took their three kids and moved to Hawaii, but Clarence went right on as if nil had happened and he had all of the support he needed. Charisma magazine observed that in merely a few months, members of his new fold were dancing in the aisles in their new installation, and the gifted immature sermonizer was back on the conference circuit, no inquiries asked. McClendon enjoys the limelight on Christian telecasting, and he portions pulpits with top leaders in our motion ( Lee Grady, Sin in the Camp, Charisma, Feb. 2002 ) . In 2002 ROBERTS LIARDON, curate of Embassy Christian Center in Irvine, California, and influential Pentecostal writer, acknowledged that he had a homosexual relationship ( Charisma News, Jan. 31, 2002 ) , though he was back in the ministry within hebdomads. On September 12, 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported that PAUL CROUCH OF TRINITY BROADCASTING NETWORK had paid $ 425,000 in 1998 to Enoch Lonnie Ford, an employee at TBN, to maintain him from traveling public with his allegation that they had a homosexual brush. It was after Ford threatened to action that Crouch paid about a half-million dollars to maintain the affair quiet. TBN besides paid 1000s of dollars in debts that Ford had accrued. Crouch denied the allegations and tried to melanize the character of his accuser, which was non hard to make. Ford is a convicted sex and drug wrongdoer, but it seems really unusual that Crouch would pay such a big amount to a adult male if there was no truth to his allegation. Ford wrote his testimony of the matter but it was sealed by the tribunals after Crouch sued to hold the affair squelched. In October 2004 PAUL CAIN, the most outstanding Pentecostal prophesier, was exposed as a homosexual and an alcoholic by Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, and Jack Deere, who said that Cain had refused to subject to train ( Paul Cain, Latter Rain Prophet of Renown Is Now Discredited, The Plumbline, December 2004 ) . Finally Cain admitted his wickedness, stating, I have struggled in two peculiar countries, homosexualism and alcohol addiction, for an drawn-out period of clip. I apologize for denying these affairs of truth, instead than readily acknowledging them ( A Letter of Confession, February 2005, hypertext transfer protocol: // // ) . In November 2006, TED HAGGARD resigned as senior curate of the 14,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs and as caput of the National Association of Evangelicals on disclosure of feats with a homosexual cocotte named Mike Jones. Though Haggard denied the accusal at first, he finally admitted his dark side. A missive from Haggard was read to the New Life Church on November 5 in which the initiation curate admitted that he is guilty of sexual immorality and a cheat and a prevaricator. He said, There is a portion of my life that is so abhorrent and dark that I ve been warring against it all of my grownup life. Haggard is a Charismatic, a New Evangelical, and a extremist ecumenist. In October 2005 Haggard said, New Life does nt seek to convert Catholics and the church would neer deter its members from going Catholic or go toing Catholic Mass ( Berean Call, Jan. 2006 ) . In January 2009, Brady Boyd, who succeeded Haggard as senior curate at New Life Church, disclosed t hat Haggard besides had a homosexual relationship with a member of the church that went on for a long period of clip ( Disgraced Pastor Faces More Gay Sex Allegations, AP, Jan. 24, 2009 ) . In 2007 unlawful expiration suits were filed against Oral Roberts University by former professors avering that the laminitis s boy RICHARD ROBERTS and his married woman LINDSAY misappropriated school money and other impropernesss. Harmonizing to the suit, they spent 100s of 1000s of dollars to fund their munificent life style, including a stable of Equus caballuss for their girls, a $ 29,400 trip to Orlando and the Bahamas aboard a university jet for a girl and her friends, and a $ 39,000 shopping fling at one vesture shop for Lindsay ( Healing ORU, Christianity Today, September 2008 ) . The suit besides alleges that the Roberts place has been remodeled 11 times in the past 14 old ages, that Lindsay spent darks in the ORU guest house with an underage 16 twelvemonth old male, A and that she often had cell phone measures of more than $ 800 per month, with 100s of text messages sent between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. to underage males who had been provided phones at university disbursal ( Oral Roberts University Faces the Blue Screen of Death, hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . The professors were fired for seeking to expose the leading s moral weaknesss and fiscal impropernesss. On November 13, 2007, the tenured module of ORU approved a nonbinding ballot of no assurance in Richard, and he resigned as president on November 23, 2007. Lindsay is his 2nd married woman. He and his first married woman, Patti, divorced in 1979. In August 2007 televangelist JUANITA BYNUM accused her hubby, THOMAS WEEKS III, bishop of the Global Destiny Church in Atlanta, of forcing, whipping, choking, and stamping her to the land in a hotel parking batch. The twosome later divorced ( it was the 2nd married for both of them ) , and in November 2008 a sheriff s deputy served Weeks with a notice of eviction from the church belongings because the rent was about a half million dollars in arrears ( Prosperity Gospel on Skid Row, Christianity Today, Jan. 15, 2009 ) . He was besides forced to travel out of his $ 2.5 million state nine estate. Bynum besides filed for bankruptcy, claiming that she is more than $ 5 million in debt ( Weeks able to raise his ministry, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 11, 2009 ) . She lost ownership, through foreclosure, of the $ 4.5 million compound that once housed her ministry. On August 23, 2007, RANDY AND PAULA WHITE, co-pastors of WITHOUT WALLS INTERNATIONAL, a magnetic megachurch based in Tampa, Florida, announced that they were disassociating after 17 old ages of matrimony. Randy said he takes duty for the dissolution, but the twosome finally blamed the two different waies their lives are traveling ( Interruption during Megapastors Divorce Announcement, Tampa Tribune, Aug. 23, 2007 ) . That is non a scriptural ground for divorce. Jesus gave merely one legitimate cause, and that is fornication, yet the two said the split involves no 3rd party on either side. If they are traveling in two different waies, that is sin on both their parts. God says the married woman is the hubby s help-meet and she is to be the keeper of the place ( Titus 2:4-5 ) , and the hubby is to brood with them harmonizing to cognition, giving honor unto the married woman, as unto the weaker vas, and as being heirs together of the grace of life ( 1 Peter 3:7 ) . Randy has spent months transposing to Malibu, California, where he has a beachfront place. Paula, a sermonizer and motivational talker, makes many talking trips to San Antonio, where she late purchased a place and is oversight curate to the Family Praise Center. She besides travels often to New York City where she has a Trump Tower condo and leads monthly services at New Life by Design Empowerment Center. This is unfastened noncompliance to God s Word, which forbids her to be a sermonizer or a curate ( 1 Timothy 2:12 ) . And this is non the first divorce for the two magnetic sermonizers. They have four kids from old matrimonies. In world they are transgressing against God s Word while feigning to be undergoing a test and to be victims of circumstance, and this, unhappily, is typical for charismatics today. When Paula appeared on Carman s show on Trinity Broadcasting Network on September 12 and 13, 2007, she was greeted with loud hand clapping. She told the enthusiastic crowd, Some of the grea test development in the work forces and adult females of God were those in inauspicious state of affairs, those in resistance. You can either gravitate and set your manus to the plough and state, Okay, God, I do nt acquire this one ; I do nt even like this 1. But still what do You hold to state to me? I will non be moved. Joseph and Job could state things like that and take a base on merely swearing God in undeserved hardship, but when you are enduring for your ain wickedness and rebellion to the Bibles that is an wholly different narrative! For what glorification is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your mistakes, ye shall take it patiently? ( 1 Peter 2:20 ) . An article in the Tampa Tribune in May 2007 included statements by former Without Walls staff members who testified that the White persons have shifted their focal point to money and celebrity. They preach a magnetic prosperity message and unrecorded extravagantly. Their place in Tampa is valued at $ 2.22 million and the c ondo in New York, at $ 3.5 million. In November 2008 the Evangelical Christian Credit Union began foreclosure proceedings, demanding payment of a $ 12 million loan on the church s belongings. In August 2008 the four-month long Lakeland Outpouring led by TODD BENTLEY ended in dirt. Some had prophesied that the mending campaign in Lakeland, Florida, was the beginning of a national resurgence and that full metropoliss would be shut down. In fact, it was the Lakeland Outpouring that was shut down after Bentley announced that he was dividing from his married woman ( Todd Bentley, Wife Separating, Charisma, Aug. 12, 2008 ) . A hebdomad subsequently it was further announced that Bentley was stepping down as caput of Fresh Fire Ministries, after the ministry revealed that he had an unhealthy relationship with a female staff member ( Bentley Stepping Down, OneNewsNow, Aug. 19, 2008 ) . In November 2008, the Fresh Fire board said that Bentley was guilty of criminal conversation, and on March 9, 2009, Rick Joyner announced that he had remarried to the same former employee with whom he had had the inappropriate relationship. Besides, an probe by World magazine found that two of the people that the Bentley ministry had reported as illustrations of his best healings have died of their diseases ( Heal or Heel, World magazine, May 23, 2009 ) . The Lakeland meetings began on April 2, 2008, at the Ignite Church, and continued every night in assorted locales for more than three months, with Bentley distributing his medical specialty by banging people on the brow, jostling them, flinging the Holy Spirit, shouting Blah, bombast, bombast, bombast, shouting out, Come and acquire some, and reeling about like a rummy. He has kicked an aged lady in the face, banged a crippled adult female s legs on the platform, kneed a adult male in the tummy, and hit another adult male so difficult that a tooth popped out. We believe in Godhead healing for today, but we do nt believe in Pentecostal showmen who pretend to apostolic mending gifts that they clearly do non possess. See I Believe in Miracles hypertext transfer protocol: // iracles.html. Besides in August 2008 MICHAEL GUGLIELMUCCI of the Assemblies of God in Australia admitted that he had been lying about holding an advanced phase of malignant neoplastic disease. For the past two old ages Guglielmucci, a popular modern-day worship leader and former curate, had claimed to hold terminal malignant neoplastic disease. He even recorded a vocal called The Healer that became a hit and was featured on Hillsong s latest album. For two old ages he allegedly fooled even his married woman and parents and closest friends into thought that he had malignant neoplastic disease. He sent electronic mails to his married woman from bogus physicians, shaved his caput, walked with a cane, and carried around an O bottle. In one church public presentation that attracted tierce of a million hits on YouTube, he sang with an O tubing in his olfactory organ! He claimed that God gave him the vocal after he learned that he had an aggressive signifier of malignant neoplastic disease. Guglielmu cci now claims that he faked malignant neoplastic disease to conceal a longtime dependence to erotica. He is the former curate of one of Australia s largest young person churches called Planetshakers. More late he was the worship leader at Edge Church International, an Assemblies of God fold pastored by his male parent, Danny. Hillsong is the ministry of Hillsong Church in Sydney, the largest church in Australia and prominent in the modern-day worship field. Brian Houston, who co-pastors the church with his married woman, is the caput of AOG in Australia ( which has been renamed the Australian Christian Churches ) . ______________________________ THE PENTECOSTAL-CHARISMATIC Motion: THE HISTORY AND THE ERROR. I have been analyzing and re-examining the Pentecostal-Charismatic motions for more than three decennaries since I was led to Christ by a Pentecostal in 1973 and began to seek God s will about tongues-speaking and the marvelous gifts of the early churches. I have built a big library of stuffs on this topic and have interviewed Pentecostalists and Charismatics and attended their churches in many parts of the universe. I have besides attended big Charismatic conferences with imperativeness certificates. I have approached these surveies with an unfastened head in the sense of holding a committedness merely to the truth and non to anyone s tradition. I am a member of an independent Baptist church but Baptist philosophy and pattern is non my authorization ; the Bible is. Each fresh rating of the Pentecostal-Charismatic motion has brought an increased strong belief that it is unscriptural and unsafe. This book begins with my ai n experience with the Pentecostal motion. The following subdivision trades with the history of the Pentecostal motion, get downing with a study of marvelous marks from the 2nd to the eighteenth centuries. We so examine the motions in the nineteenth century that led up to the creative activity of Pentecostalism and the eruption of tongues-speaking at Charles Parham s Bible school in Topeka, Kansas, in 1901, and at William Seymour s Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles in 1906. We examine some of the major Pentecostal denominations, the Latter Rain Covenent, the major Pentecostal healing revivalists, the Sharon Schools and the New Order of the Latter Rain, the Manifest Sons of God, the Word-Faith motion and its cardinal leaders, the Charismatic Movement, the Roman Catholic Charismatic Renewal, the Pentecostal Prophets, the Third Wave, and the recent Pentecostal dirts. We conclude the historical subdivision with a expression at the Laughing Revival. In the last subdivision of the book we deal with the theological mistakes of the Pentecostal-Charismatic motions ( lauding experience over Scripture, accent on the marvelous, Messianic and apostolic miracles can be reproduced, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of fire, lauding the Holy Spirit, linguas speech production is for today, impeccant perfectionism, healing is guaranteed in the expiation, spirit murder, spirit inebriation, visions of Jesus, trips to heaven, adult females sermonizers, and ecumenism ) . The concluding subdivision of the book answers the inquiry: Why are people deluded by Pentecostal-Charismatic mistake? David and Tami Lee, former Pentecostalists, after reexamining a subdivision of the book said: Very good done! A We pray God will utilize it to open the eyes of many and to assist maintain many of His kids out of such misrepresentation. And Mary Keating, besides a former Charismatic, said, The book is first-class and I have no uncertainty whatever that the Lord is traveling to util ize it in a mighty manner. Amen! ! _______________________________________

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