Saturday, March 14, 2020

Betrayal of the Military essays

Betrayal of the Military essays In the military, superior officers, such as generals and colonels are responsible for control over their units as one goes through its regular routine trying to protect their nation. A different set of laws is in place for the military, but these are to be followed the same way as with the law in normal society. Betrayal of the military can result in justice taken onto the betrayer. This is evident in the movies The Generals Daughter and A Few Good Men. Both of these situations followed the same stance, as both general Joe Campbell and colonel Nathan Jessip forgot about procedural justice and tried to take matters into their own hands, by abusing power given by the military. Movie Summary (The Generals Daughter) In Fort MacCallum, Paul Brenner, leaving his house takes a piece of hair and sticks it on the door crack, to notify him of any unwelcome visitors that come to his residence. General Joe Campbell arrives at the military base in a helicopter. Where he then gets escorted to base where he has his retirement party. Paul Brenner starts off as undercover Sergeant White. Sergeant White is on an assignment to arrest freedom fighter Bellings. On his way to an onbase warehouse Brenner gets a flat tire. Stopping to help him out is captain Elizabeth Campbell. After Captain Campbell fixes Brenners tire, he proceeds to go meet with Bellings and finish their exchange. After the exchange between Brenner and Bellings, Bellings finds out that Sergeant White is apart of the criminal investigation team. Bellings arrives at Brenners house with the intent to kill him. But, all falls short when Brenner realizes that hes being attacked, and jumps into the water off the top of his houseboat where he hides in the water. Bellings then spots him and jumps in the water. Brenner starts up a near by motorboat. He then pushes Bellings head into the blade, killing him. The EOD (Explosive Ordnance D...

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