Monday, February 10, 2020

Analyze how instructors use strategies to ensure students' Term Paper

Analyze how instructors use strategies to ensure students' understanding in the reading and writing components of the reading lessons, including both mainstream and language minority students - Term Paper Example The assessment for this lesson will be a quiz with 20 items. The quiz will be consisted of 5 examples each punctuation (commas, quotation marks, colon and apostrophes). The students will be evaluated by asking them to make or provide their own examples of sentences using the punctuations. They will not only be evaluated about the lesson but also their ability to compose sentences. Using the spelling booklet, the students will have a quiz. There will be 22 words to spell from easy to difficult high frequency words. The students will also be asked to write 2 examples each for each pattern for a total of 18 words. The quiz will have a total of 40 items. There will be two assessments for this lesson. One is a conducted spelling contest and the second is a spelling quiz. The spelling contest will be conducted to 3 groups among the students. Using the dictionary, the students will answer and spell the words asked by the instructor. This is a fun way to test their ability to use the dictionary to spell correctly. There will be three categories: easy, medium and difficult. The easy category will have 10 easy questions. Medium category will have 5 questions and difficult category will have 5 questions. Using the spelling booklet, there will be a spelling quiz for 20 items. Without using a dictionary or thesaurus, students will have to answer individually using their spelling booklets the 20 words to spell. This will assess the students about the lesson. The lesson focuses on identifying the parts of the sentence and constructing correct simple and compound sentence. The assessment of this lesson is to create a minimum of 500 word essay on the topic of their choice. The students should be able to apply the lessons from day 1 to 5 to a bigger perspective. Thus, the students should be able to create an essay by using correct punctuations, spelling, and applying correct subject/verb agreement on simple and compound

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